Friday, September 03, 2004

Ed Siegel Is Submitting His Takeout Menu as Well

Terry Byrne and Ed Seigel are becoming like cantankerous old Donor/Subscribers with their laundry lists of all of the shows they would like to see here in Boston. (See my letter to Terry Byrne post below.)

Ed Siegel, in his latest , wants to see Caroline or Change done here and that is admirable and needed. And perhaps our major critics are urging us in baby steps. Maybe getting the latest hot new plays from other places on a faster basis will build some sort of critical mass amongst the theatre culture here in Boston. Then, the wisdom would follow, you would build the up the hunger and soon other places won't be able to supply fast enough and it will have to come from within our own ranks.

My fears about this type of plan is our position as a third class theatre town being strengthened. In other words, it is not enough that the Colonial and the Wang are hosts to touring companies from the Great White Way, Ed and Terry want to turn our smaller companies and houses into touring receptacles for other cities artistic successes.

They should be pushing for new musicals and plays to be birthed here, so that they could then champion on to life in other cities, but their heart isn't it, and they don't trust their critical convictions.

I do admire Ed Siegel's acknowledgement that the musical theatre in Boston is doing a great job, and I guess it is merely a mild polite nudge he is giving.

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