Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Fears of Fallout from Fahrenheit 911

An Ex Army Captain talks about his fears that the Baby Killer phenomenon will rekindle. He writes an essay in today's Salon. (Sorry, it is a paid site)

I believe Andrew Exum's fears, while definitely well-placed and well-said, betray every bit of the elitist and condescending attitude that he accuses the liberal audience of displaying in embracing Fahrenheit 911.

Without giving Moore credit for being half the intelligent and subtle thinker that he himself is, Exum frames as accidental Moore's depiction of the duality of the situation into which soldiers must assimilate, (wholly instruments of death and wholly human beings,) as accidental. But it gets worse.

It would appear that Mr. Exum thinks that films like Control Room and Fahrenheit 911 are dangerous, but not because of their ideology, partisan nature, or their convictions. No, Exum is fearful of Fahrenheit 911 because he thinks that the audience is incapable of understanding it.

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