Wednesday, April 21, 2004

My Mere opinions column on Larry Stark’s Theatre Mirror produced a host of responses. I do think we are doing a good job here, but it is not enough. I still remain convinced of that.

Recently, The Stranger, an alternative paper in Seattle interviewed 5 Artistic Directors in the Seattle Theater scene. Here is a quote from Allison Narver, Artistic Director of the Empty Space Theatre.

“Ten years ago there were a number of fringe theaters that produced all year long, like Annex. We produced 15 shows a year and we never stopped, so you had a bunch of non-equity actors really developing their chops.”

This was the time frame when I lived in the Seattle area. The experience energized me, thrilled me, inspired me. There was so much experiment going on, so much trying of new things, pushing boundaries and experimenting with what you could do with small spaces.

Think of it...a number of fringe theaters that produced all year long...15 shows a year.

Maybe Will Stackman has a point. Maybe we need to do some banding together and block out several months of the BCA to run repertory with several companies.

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