Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Jay Severin Celebrates A Retraction?….Just One Problem…….

The Globe did not print a retraction, or an apology. They printed a correction of what Jay actually said. A clarification. Once again, no retraction, and no apology.

I listen to Jay almost everyday, and I was shocked at his dancing and celebrating over this yesterday. I had thought that he would let it go and hope that the storm passes.

He sounds, I hate to say this, like a desperate man. He calls his audience his best and brightest, but it is clear to me that Jay is banking on his estimation that a large portion of his his audience does not read the paper, or at least not the Globe. But, the Herald published a follow up to the story today, so some of his strategy might fail.
The fact that WTKK will not release the transcripts is hurting Jay really badly.

In the end though he is a dynamic and interesting speaker. He is an entertainer and he has an audience. I like Howard Stern, and I am saddened that people who don't approve of his sexual references want him fired. My reaction to those people is, "if you don't like it, turn it off." I don't approve of what Severin says and I turn him off when I don't like it.

But here is the difference. While Severin has the right to say whatever he wants, he must own up to what he says and stand behind it, or try to explain himself if it is misconstrued. And apologize if it is necessary. Howard Stern stands up for what he says, he believes what he is saying is not wrong and he offers no apologies.

Therefore, with Severin, I really believe that in the case of his statement, "I think we should kill them," we are faced, logically, (as Jay would say,) with a limited number of options.

1. Jay didn't say it.
2. Jay said it, but didn't mean it the way it is perceived.
3. Jay really believes it and stands by it.

The transcripts of the broadcast disprove option #1.

I am satisfied that the articles in the paper show that he wants to make option #2 the answer, but I think Severin should do a better job on his show of proving #2 is true because...

Option #3 would mean that based on his statements, according to the transcripts, he truly believes in the genocide of Muslims in this country.

Whether he is entertaining or not. Nobody should be sponsoring or listening to somebody who advocates that.

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